Dr.M.G.R Educational & Research Institute University First Year Syllabus

Dr.M.G.R Educational & Research Institute University First Year Syllabus

இணையுங்கள் எங்களின் கல்வி மற்றும் வேலைவாய்ப்பு தகவல்கள் குழுவில்
கல்வி வேலைவாய்ப்பு
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TECHNICAL ENGLISH I                              

  1. Vocabulary, Grammar and Usage – I (6)

Meanings of words and phrases, synonyms and antonyms – affixes: prefixes and suffixes and word formation – nominal compounds, expanding using numbers and approximation – Verb: tense, auxiliary and modal –Voice:  active, passive and impersonal passive

  1. Vocabulary, Grammar and Usage – II                                                                                         

Infinitives and Gerunds – preposition, prepositional phrases, preposition + relative pronoun-‘If’ clause, sentences expressing ‘cause and effect’, ‘purpose’,

Instructions, suggestions and recommendations

  1. Reading          

Questions: Wh-pattern, Yes/no questions, tag questions

Comprehension: extracting relevant information from the text, by skimming and scanning and inferring, identifying lexical and contextual meaning for specific information, identifying the topic sentence and its role in each paragraph, comprehending the passage and answering questions – Précis writing

  1. Writing

Adjectives: degrees of comparison

Concord: subject-verb agreement

Interpretation of tables and flowcharts: writing a paragraph based on information provided in a table using comparison and contrast, classifying the data and flowchart,  describing logical steps involved in specific functions, note – making from a given passage- letter writing, formal: seeking permission to undergo practical training, letter to an editor of a newspaper complaining about civic problems and suggesting suitable solutions

  1. Functional English and Practical Components 

Listening : Listening to stories, conversation, dialogue, speeches of famous people, and identifying the grammar components

Speaking: Scripting and enacting role plays/ narrating incidents

Reading:  Review of books, articles, fiction- Extensive reading/ user manuals, pamphlets, brochures

Writing:  paragraph and essay writing using academic vocabulary

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