Vitamins Chemical names and Deficiency Diseases

Vitamins Chemical names and Deficiency Diseases

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Chemical Name: Retinal

இணையுங்கள் எங்களின் கல்வி மற்றும் வேலைவாய்ப்பு தகவல்கள் குழுவில்
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Deficiency Disease: Night blindness

Source: Aggar, Milk, Egg, Fruit

 Vitamin – B1

Chemical Name: Thiamine

Deficiency Disease: Berry-Berry

Source: Peanut, Potato, Vegetables

Vitamin – B2

Chemical Name: Riboflavin

Deficiency Disease: Skin Burst, Eye Disease

Source: egg, milk, green vegetables

Vitamin – B3

Chemical Name: Nicotinamide (Niacin)

Deficiency Disease: burning feet, hair white

Source: Meat, Milk, Peanut , Tomato


Chemical Name: Pantothenic Acid

Deficiency Disease: Monthly Disorders (Pelagra)

Sources: meat , groundnut , potato


Chemical Name: Pyridoxine

Deficiency Disease: Anemia, Skin Disease Source: milk, meat, vegetable

Vitamin – H / B7

Chemical name: biotin

Deficiency Disease: Hair fall, skin disease

Source: Yeast, Wheat, Egg

 Vitamin – B12

Chemical Name: Cyanocobalamin

Deficiency Disease: Anemia, Pandas Disease

Sources: Meat, kaleji (in meats), Milk


Chemical Name: Ascorbic Acid

Deficiency Disease: Scurvy, gingivitis

Sources: Amla(maximum) , lemon, lime, Orange

Vitamin – D Chemical Name: Calciferol

Deficiency Disease: Rickets

Source: sunlight, milk, eggs

 Vitamin – E

Chemical Name: Tecopheral

Disease due to deficiency: decreased fertility

Source: Green Vegetable, Milk, Curd.


Chemical Name: Philoquinan

Deficiency Disease: Blood clotting

Sources: Tomato , Green vegetables , Milk

Vitamin Deficiency Diseases

Vitamin – A – Blindness, risk of infections, xerophthalmia

Vitamin – B1 – Ebury-Berry

Vitamin – B2 –  Tearing of skin, red eye

vitamin – B3 – Glaucoma

Vitamin – B5 –  Blue white, retarded

Vitamin – B6 – Anemia, skin disease

Vitamins – B7 – Lava, body pain, hair fall

Vitamin – B11 – Anemia, dysentery

Vitamin – C – Anemia, Pandurog

Vitamin – D – Ericates, osteomalacia

Vitamin – E – Degeneration

Vitamin – K – Blood clotting

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